Thursday, April 18, 2013

A break from poker

Well, my internet has been kinda acting out today, there's no way to play poker if your connection cuts off every five minutes or so. There's nothing quite as frustrating as facing a raise when you have the nuts only to notice that your connection died.

Then again, it might've been a good thing, as I have for a chance sat my sweet ass in front of my work computer and actually done some writing, so I guess every cloud has a a silver-ish  "none of your selected networks are available"-lining...

This has been a funny week regarding poker anyway, I'm still up for the week, but been running like shit. So far for this week my Holdem Manager shows I'm running about 4bin under EV. Well, it happens. Luckily I've grown past the point where I got pissed when someone sucked out on me, it happens and it doesn't matter as I know I did everything right. I only get pissed when I play bad myself, that's so effin' tilting :)


  1. in which website you play poker?

  2. You have a midget? Cool! Technically, if I agreed to be raped by a midget for a million dollars it wouldn't even be a rape anymore, just plain old prostitution, which I have nothing against :) Or did you mean "raped" as in a poker term? Your context is kinda obscure here...

  3. Na I didn't mean it as a poker term. Haha since you put it in that way it seems a bit less crazy. :)

  4. Just * a change of topic* it would be kickass if kotipelto made an account on here.really just a big fan of both of your music and his and guitar and vocal work *even trying to learn finnish* any tips for self study?

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  6. I know that feel, about having a shitty Internet connection - ranging from sometimes to often - y'know, something that can fuck up your day, or a good part of it. Yeah, whatever.
    Loved the Dream Theater reference.
    Rock on!