Saturday, April 13, 2013

An asshole...

That's why I think I'll head out for a beer or two now


  1. entonces, brindo contigo!!

  2. when is your asshole essence more prominent, before or after drinking? :P
    I think personally I'm more of a cynical asshole while sober, when drunk I just don't give a shit

  3. kippis!!! Enjoy the night and the drinks! and please careful where you walk ... and hands off of pockets...

  4. So you went beer or two an middle of the day...hohhoh again

    1. Actually, I wrote the entry a bit past midnight on a Friday night, I think it's totally ok to go and have a beer or two on a Friday night, so you can save your judgement :)

  5. Cheers!
    Btw, I've been listening to an album I think you might find nice.
    "White Darkness" by Nightingale, some sweet rock with tasty melodies, heavy sound and great vocals and lyrics by Mr. Dan Swano.. I don't why but listening to it I felt like you may appreciate it.