Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hauskaa Vappua

Okidoki folks, it's time to head to Helsinki to have a sauna and consume some alcoholic beverages with my brother from another mother, and then tomorrow jump back on the working horse (that sounded weird, like getting it on with a horse prostitute...)

Have a great Vappu, if you celebrate it, and be safe folks!

BTW, it might've been the first time that this blog proved actually useful. I had no idea whatsoever what I did last Vappu, so I just went and read what I wrote back then. Apparently I was recording Blackoustic last year at this time. It seems not much has changed in a year :)


  1. okidoki J, that I just feel like drank and composing....mulla on koko skumppapullo täällä ja sain just sen Adelen tehtyä. ohhoh :)

  2. Me and a few pals here in the jolly ol' US are planning on sorta throwing together and trying Vappu for ourselves. We'll fail probably. But we don't have that sort of fun in the US...so boring here...so might as well give it a shot. The only big difference is we all promised not to drink. We still have school tomorrow after all. Anyhoo, enjoy your Vappu Jani! (Don't hurt yourself or get so drunk that you can't even remember where you're at!)

  3. Sauna?!? really?!?! amazing! be safe and enjoy the sauna and Vappu ^^ well... I think your blog is very useful, I didn't know that you had a blog and this is a way that we, as your fans, can keep in touch with you! I found out that you're a normal guy after reading your blog xD and I'm so glad that you write frequently^^ I hope someday you could answer my questions in different posts *just if you want* Greetings and be safe ^^

  4. Love Simon Pegg. The gif reminds me that hilarious movie.