Friday, April 26, 2013

The rhythm of sleep...

Has been efficiently fucked up recently, I've always had a knack for this. Went to sleep around 07:30 and woke up at 14:00, way to go me. Should head out, thought I'd go buy a mic stand (I need to lay down some demo vox tomorrow) and maybe some whiskey, haven't had any in a while and as today I thought I'd spend some time in front of the TV to witness as my wonderfully large friend Mr. Railio becomes the new Voice of Finland I think some whiskey might be in order as well, if only to take the edge off :)


  1. I'm having the same rhythm, or even worse (cause I don't sleep during the day), basically cause I'm finishing my degree-paper and I'm graduating in University a week from now.
    Here goes a totally off-topic question: I was wondering whether you use headphones or amp when you're playing on your guitar, by night, something you're trying to write down :)

  2. My rhythm has been pushing backwards, then forwards. I can't sleep until like 12:30 at night, then I wake up periodically every 2 hours until 6:30 in the morning for school. Then the next night, I fall asleep instantly and wake up every 3 hours until 6:30. Crazy.

    Off topic question: Was My Selene based on a myth? I looked up "Endymion" because I didn't understand it's meaning and it's from some sort of myth where this Titan goddess who couldn't be with the mortal she loved so she had Zeus (I think it was Zeus) put this mortal she loved to eternal sleep so she could watch him forever and ever. That Titan goddess' name was Selene. So were the lyrics you wrote based on that? Cause if so, that's awesomely brilliant.

  3. Lucky you, at least you can sleep during the day...
    I woke up at 5:30 and I go to bed like 3:00 or 2:00, it depends if I had work to do or not, it's awful :/
    I hope everything's going well to you, enjoy your whisky ;)
    Greetings from Chile :D