Thursday, April 11, 2013

Awesome, I never noticed this before

In IMDb, for "This Is Spinal Tap" the rating scale actually goes to eleven, it's the small things that make you smile :)


  1. My humble tribute to my guitar hero:


  3. Hey Jani, remember that guy Syu you jammed with in the '05 Young Guitar video?

    I wonder if you ever got around to check out his band Galneryus (I did, because of your video with him). They do some solid power metal. Wondering if you have an opinion on them :)

    1. Solid? xD Wow, that sounded cruel xDxD And Syu is really great these days, next to Jari Maenpaa the most skilled guitar player I know..

      But yea, I second that- Jani, if You could share Your opinion it would be awesome ^_^

    2. Yeah, I remember him, nice guy :) I received one of their albums either from him or our label, can't remember really, as well as one "Animetal" (or something like that). I listened to them, but can't remember much about them, so... I've tried telling you guys a lot of times already, I don't really listen to "power metal" -or whatever you call it- that much :)

    3. Thanks for replying :) yeah I guess when you're in the biz you get a bunch of music that must be hard to remember all, and yeah I know your stance on "power" metal (though I still call what you do power metal :P)

      @Rhodi yeah I said solid so I didn't sound like a fanboy, but actually they're one of my favorite bands :P