Sunday, May 12, 2013

6 out of 7

I've gone running 6 times this week, only took Thursday off as I had a few beers on Wednesday, and I know better than to exercise after a night of drinking. Off to a very good start, damn if I won't be a fucking Sporty Spice (or Old Spice) after a few months :)


  1. I hope you won't be a Sporty Spice xD it would be very funny to see... keep healthy! glad to read that you're doing well :) Besides running, do you do anything else? do you like sports or something?

  2. Wow! Good job Ginger-Sporty Spice! Keep it up!:) _Serena

  3. I'm beginning to realize that you exercise more than me and you're an adult with a job and life can be rather hectic for you, I'm a teenager and all I do is sit in front of my computer all day and listen to metal and play video games. I feel like I should be outside doing something worthwhile...

    Keep it up Jani, good job!! :) You're doing much much MUCH better than I am.