Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beer & stuff

I have had the most excellent week so far, got some great news earlier and booked quite a lot of work for me today, on top of feeling really good about shit in general, so I just had to go and have a beer all by myself tonight, just to celebrate. I guess the sun truly shines on a pile of shit anyways :)


  1. That's great, Jani! enjoy your beer... Salud!

  2. I'm glad for you! can I celebrate with you? I'm bored xD Heheh :) you don't have to spend too much at drinks, you're kinda Jesus, so I hope you can transform water in wine xD cheers!

    1. Course he can transform water into wine. Where else do ya think he gets all of those drinks from?

      Enjoy your beer Jani!