Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday funday?

Well, not really. Fairly basic shit to be honest. I tried writing some new music, but for some reason I couldn't really concentrate, so I went jogging and rehearsed a few songs from the Railio setlist. Gonna be pretty fucking hectic for a while, but hopefully -and most likely- I will survive. Been also in contact with some of the other guys I'll be sharing the stage with during the Railio shows, haven't met most of the guys, but they seem to have a great sense of humor. I wrote to the guys saying hi and and asking some actual questions about the setlist. Couldn't resist so I had to conclude my question cavalcade with "Can you get pregnant from masturbation?". The first answer was "Yes, a pregnancy after masturbation is a FACT. Good luck with your first prenatal!" I think we're gonna get along just fine :)


  1. Haha XD yep, think you're in good company there Jani ;)
    Your day still tops mine - loadsa of revision when for the first time in ages it's a beautiful, warm day in England but I'm bloody stuck indoors, lol :P

  2. Hahahahah! the best question ever! xD well, maybe today just wasn't a good day to write :/ I hope you get along well with them... do they play the same kind of music that you are used to play, like power metal or acoustics? I don't know any song of them... but it sounds interesting :)

  3. I think I asked this yesterday, (not entirely sure) but is there any way I can contact you Jani, like via email? I did a drawing of you that I would like for you to see. (Like 5% sure I saw your email address floating about in one of your posts somewhere but I was stupid enough to not write it down...Also 5% sure I've seen one of your posts titled the same thing but...whatever)

    Good luck with the Railio setlist Jani!! Those guys sound like hella fun people to be around. :)

    1. Still I don't check that mailbox on a regular basis, but occasionally anyway.

    2. Ah right. Well now I shall be a smart girl and write that down so I won't have to ask again. BTW, email sent. Might be the second one I've sent you actually, since I've seen the address before but...not gonna spend time looking through email history to confirm. So yea, sent and hope you like the drawing I did. :)