Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bill has been Killed...

Yeah, we watched the Kill Bill Vol.2. tonight, and I have to say, I don't agree with you guys who commented on the second one being the better one. The first one was visually quite impressive and inventive, also in ways they incorporated some pretty weird music choices, whereas I found the second one was not nearly as nice to look at, missing most of the elements I liked in the first one, and the story telling (the story wasn't that much to write home about anyway) dragging quite a bit a times...

In other news: We did quite a lot of promo today and also managed to rehearse. Tomorrow and wednesday are scheduled for rehearsals as well, and on thursday it's time to get busy again. Kinda excited and kinda scared shitless about saturday, but I'm confident we can pull this shit out :)


  1. i like in the vol.2 the part like she is learning with Pai Mei, i always like that in movies, when they must to show their biggest power from inside of themself (dont know if i wrote it good in english,because i have problems to say my feelings in my language too). Hope you know what i try to say :)
    Are you excited and scared from saturday because of the show in Helsinki ? You will be both great as always as


    And i've never seen Kill Bill :(

  3. The problem I have with the second part is that I expected a more surprising and epic fight with Bill, all she had to go through to face and defeat him and at the end I was like: "You should have torn him apart!!!!"...

    You'll do it great on Saturday ;)

  4. I like Deathproof better.


    seen it?

  5. Bill is dead but others enemies of Black Mamba still alive :)

    Now you must watch Pulp Fiction, another great Tarantino's psychodelic picture - naked realism on the border of absurdity. Particulary recommend Captain Koons' part :)

  6. Hyvin se menee Jani :) Sussa on voimaa ku pienessä pitäjässä...

  7. Both parts are great, but first one is my fav. The story, fights, O'Ren and "Bruce Lee" scene :) Plus final fight between O'Ren and Beatrix was pretty great!