Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Just came from jogging, could only run about 4km as it was raining, as it has days on end now. Had to do something though, as I have been feeling pretty bloated and all in all bad about myself. Hopefully I can start to exercise more again so I won't turn into a fucking blob.

Was supposed to record some demo vocals today as well, but as I told you I have updated my OSX, and now I have to update the Logic Pro as well. How fucking awesome... Well, I'll fix it tonight and record it tomorrow, not the end of the world. Just fucking annoying.


  1. I assume that the new Stratovarius album will mean a world/european gig. What will you live of during that time while Timo is away? I was wondering...

    1. I said live of, not for :P Now in a serious mode? I'd love to know

    2. Who knows, probably go back to writing-mode.

    3. What does that mean? Do you write songs for anyone? The thing I'd like to know is where do you get money from.

      By the way, have you ever thought about recording a solo guitar album?

    4. No, he is only a musician, he propably never before had thought about recording a solo guitar album xD

      Sorry Diego , you were asking for it xD

      writing-mode means writing lyrics&music&other material for next album

      Yes, he is writing songs for somebody, propably himself and whoever the fuck wants to pay for them.

    5. Dude, you can't eat written materials for another album.

      And come on, I obviously meant if he considers it seriously. I could of course have written "Jani please you have to record this or that". But I don't want to. This way is much more polite.

  2. Luck!

    You should run here in Mexico City, not raining :D

    Greetings ^^