Monday, October 22, 2012

Documentary night

No, that is not a euphemism for watching a lot of porn :) I watched "Freddie Mercury - The Great Pretender" and "Metal Evolution Ep.3". The Mercury documentary was kinda disappointing, it seemed to lack coherence, just a lot of clips spliced together, aside from the part where the talk about "Barcelona" extensively. Didn't really bring anything new into the table aside that. Too bad, as he seems genuinely an interesting fellow.

"Metal Evolution" seems to be pretty interesting documentary about the history and evolution of what we perceive as "Heavy Metal". Each episode is around 40min long and there are eleven of them. It's kinda frustrating, as the subject at hand is very interesting and it seems they barely scratch the surface of one thing and then move right into the next one. Of course I understand that if they would dwell into everything in much greater detail this would be waaaay too long, and probably also very tedious to watch for your Average Joe. I on the other hand could easily use some more insight on things. Well worth watching still.


  1. Ok man I will check the metal thingy, sounds fun. Also loled hard at "No, that is not an euphemism for watching a lot of porn " - thanks xD

    Blackoustic hasn't arrived yet, grrr :/ Gonna eat the postman

  2. i got it to my b-day this year, but saw just two parts, power metal and shock rock, i liked it ... still not time to watch them all in calm...

  3. I'll try to get that "Metal Evolution" documentary, since the beginning of the genre still seems kind of blurry to me... Have a nice day/night (?) :)

  4. Fred was a genius, he could sing everything, every kind of music. Fuck, I love him to this day.

  5. My first rock experience was with the musical "rock an roll wolf".
    addicted ever since...