Monday, October 15, 2012

Today was ok

As I told before, no hangover, woke up and felt totally fine. We went running, had a sauna, ate some salad (really), rehearsed and tried to build setlists for next week, and watched Kill Bill vol.1. Day well spent. Not a sip of alcohol either :)

Tomorrow is a promo day, interviews and crap regarding "Blackoustic". BTW, if you're Finnish or just generally interested in listening to us talking in Finnish and making asses of ourselves, we are gonna be guests on a live broad cast on Radio Rock, tomorrow (15th of October) 18:00-19:00 Finnish time (CET+1).

I'll try to catch some shuteye so I'll look pretty tomorrow.


  1. Awesome! I'm totally interesting. You know that we are forever supporting you :) Enjoy your days <3

    1. Interesting or interested? :S... Sorry, grammar mistakes make me feel mad :S

  2. your day was nicer than my one, i was just running, no sauna, no salad, all day just working (it will kill me soon i think) Finnish is great language, but too hard to learn, im learning some words, coz i will spend there a few of months, but i think is impossible to learn lol ...btw, is nicer to read you have no hangover :)

  3. vol.2 is much better and Uma is great. Tarantino rules!

    Seen this one yet?

  5. Well I'm listening to your interview now, but I don't understand it at all, so if you would be so kind and write what it was about after all that show? ;)
    I hear that your throat still isn't working well... Much health then!