Tuesday, October 16, 2012

These days...

..are pretty busy. Today was made of ordering CDs and shirts, working out a radio commercial which we'll record tomorrow, jogging, rehearsing and various other activities. Could really go for a cold beer right about now. Well, we knew this would be a busy week. Tomorrow is the last day of rehearsing and on thursday we'll head to Tampere, my favorite city in Finland, to rock the fucking acoustic metal.


  1. Better busy week than bored week :) Cold beer, good idea, but here is so cold weather that better to have hot tea with rum as i have right now. Trying your strategy about getting good ideas, but have not whiskey, so i had Malibu and now rum in tea...waiting for the ideas hahaha

    1. If it's not working just rinse and repeat. The more you drink the better the ideas :)

  2. GOOD!

    Luck and success with the new album!!!