Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Apparently I DID have to make the demo today. Had to record it with Audacity (which I've never used for multitracking before) while singing into the computer's built-in microphone (as I didn't have the time to update my real setup). Probably the most beautiful sounding thing I've recorded in my life. Now I'm so pissed I need a drink.


  1. Don't push him, he is pissed right now. Audiacity is a fucking retarded software, my vocals suck when recorded there.

    Jani, when you're not pissed tell me what size of a tshirt do you wear, I will buy You a fucking amazing tshirt in future xD

  2. HAHAHAHA!! sound good

    Take a black russian, for the anger :)

  3. Cheer up! Maybe you'll have the chance to re-record it when the software is updated. I hope the booze helps ;)

  4. I'm just hearing Perfect Srrangers playing by you guys on rockradio.fi, and for me it's sound fuckin' amazing ! ! !
    Your CD and T-shirt will be mine for sure! :D


  5. AUDACITY FTW!!!!!!!!!! :D