Monday, October 29, 2012

It's a simulation

So, apparently we all live in The Matrix


  1. I can´t fly yet, but with the right pill sure I can do it :P That´s an interesting theory, but I had to read several times to understand the text.

  2. I fucking knew it! >__< I wonder how many undercovered Agent Smiths are around and who those bastards are. XD

    I agree with Dune, it's an interesting theory (I'll be checking if this info gets updated) but it kind of seems to me that it's almost like a Creepypasta story...

  3. it's no matrix, it's just another nonsense of numerical mathematic.
    with Higgs boson was the same. cosmic revelation without any logical prove. I love all grand quasi-unification theories.
    BTW Jani, are you quantum physicist today, cause I've got few problems with gravitons in Hyperspace in 10th and 21st dimension, can you help me?

    1. I dabble a bit in quantum physics, necromancy, blood magic and other dark arts. Death magick for adepts :)

  4. totally dont know what is the text about :( my english is too low for this...when i copied to translator, wow, i got really czech sci-fi language lol... translator is crazy

  5. I knew it!! Tobias Sammet was right...