Saturday, July 28, 2012


2000km+ within Finland in 24h. Being a musician: it's not for everyone...


  1. I know! Although it would be good to try, just to know "i feels"

    It is part of the job ...

  2. Its awful to be in such deadlines, this distance is not for one day. I travel thru Europe by car & sometimes I used to drive about 1000-1200 km a day without any rest, its really weird.. Do you travel to oth countries by car (I do not mean touring)?

  3. Hey Jani, do you have access to all the pictures taken while you were in Sonata? I wanted to get an original file to make a poster but Silence (the website admin) told me that he's not gonna look for it, it would take so much time. Could you help me, please?

    Also, could you make a post giving us the right to use a photograph of yourself? Wikipedia keeps removing them.

    1. Shit, your asking for right to use picture made me feel bad about posting someone's other photo on a love-meet portal xD