Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Luomisen tuskaa...

So, tomorrow is the last recording day for the album. I've written one new song for it, but haven't written any lyrics yet and Timo should sing it tomorrow. Way to go me. Thank god there's some liquid inspiration here, I'll get to it now and tomorrow I'll have some epic lyrics for Mr.T to interpret into a wonderful masterpiece, or at least a mediocre piece of music.

Lets drink to that bitches!


  1. So how does your songwriting process work? What I got from this post is that you only do guitar riffs and lyrics... but without melody because Timo does it? I'm very confused right now lol

    1. Writing melody = writing the song. For this one I wrote everything, we have done some writing together as well, which you hopefully hear at some point as well.

  2. Yaaay, and the last day is coming! I wish you good luck, Jani! Hope we can hear some songs from your new album. When will it be released and when/where we will be able to buy it?