Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back in Helsinki

So, yesterday... The second show started with a total disaster, a grande catastrophe so to speak. Broke a string in the second song, changed to another guitar, which then was out of battery. Fucking great, especially considering it was a festival show. Thankfully the great audience more than made up for all the shit happening. Have to say I was pretty pissed though.

Tomorrow we master the epic masterpiece we've been working so hard on for the past few months, let's see how it actually turned out.

Have no fear, beer is here...


  1. Animo! And that bad about the guitar ...

    Greetings Jani :)

  2. You broke a string bah i hate it when that happens,i tend to change an entire set not just the one when it comes to replacing,Jani what were your thoughts at the time you broke the string and what song was you playing.

  3. What really matters is the finale, not the beginning :)

    There will be more songs sang by you in the new album, like '13th disciple'?