Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Here we go again

Today starts our "mini-tour", which in this case only means 4 shows in a row. Didn't quite finish the backing vox, so I'll go to Helsinki next week to continue. Some of the stuff does in a fact sound pretty good already. Especially fond of the new song that we recorded yesterday.

Well, I'm off to clean up the projects and make some backups, just in case. Then these playboys are off to entertain the masses again. If you see me out there acting stupid, just remember:


  1. Good luck with the mini-tour i hope it goes successful for you both as your both brilliant musicians anyways. just one thing came to mind a question for you doing your years of being a guitarist/musician,
    Where to have you experienced the most shitiest crowd that were boring 'you know the sort of crowd that just stands there and hasnt got a clue whats going on'.

    Also whats your favorite cover song to play? out of everything mine got to be prophet of pestilence.

  2. hey jani, when you coming to visit your latinamerican fans?? :)

  3. come to mexico when you have time!! To the land of the tequila! lol we drink a lot here

  4. When u will have gig in Tampere? :)

  5. Much success to you in the mini-tour, Jani
    everything goes much better shape than planned