Saturday, July 21, 2012

Setlist yesterday:

As someone asked, here's our setlist from yesterday, or at least most of it. I can't always remember what we played :)

I Surrender
Sleep Well
Livin' on a Prayer
Shot in the Dark
Speed of Light
Breaking the Law
Black Diamond
Out in the Fields
Perfect Strangers
Coming Home
Behind Blue Eyes
Hunting High and Low

We do have other songs in our roster as well, we change it around a bit depending on how long our set is, how the crowd is and how we are generally feeling :)


  1. Sleep Well, Reasons, Speed of light, BLACK DIAMOND!!!!! and Hauting high and low are my favorites! :D!!!

    *i like*

  2. No Cain's Offering? Why the fuck?!

    1. Because the songs are too difficult to arrange for a duo / I'm lazy

  3. Amazing set <3 But Jani, you really should try to do some arranging with Cain's Offering songs - they're more than words can describe and I bet there are people who would give their lives for having a chance to hear CO songs as acoustic versions. Stay in the game, boys ;)

    1. I also think that!
      Arrange some Cain's Offering's songs for a duo will be great, but you have to just... go ahead with that.
      Probaby, nobody will dislike this stuff.
      And well, if you're lazy, well, write some songs to do and 2nd. disc with CO :D
      Creating always be a good engine to keep in move the mind.

      Almost i forgot!
      Great live stuff, guys! And Waiting 4 your new disc, Jani!

    2. Yea, I'm not here to force you Jani to do anything, but Into the Blue shouldn't be too hard to make a acoustic version of it. And I assure you it would sound amazing ^^