Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tiredness takes the cake

So, Mass Effect 3... Kinda disappointment. Finished it last night (yes, that is truly how I spent my saturday night). Now I should start doing some editing for the album (a lot of actually), and tomorrow I'll take the files to Matias so he can start mixing the damn thing on tuesday.

Of course it's STILL missing some backing vox, but I can probably lay them down in the studio while The Governor does the mix in the main room. Fuck me with a flaming fist, albums are never ready when they should be...


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  2. As a young musician myself, I dare to say that musicians always suffer from making their goddamn art of music.
    Eh, good luck to you Jani. :)

  3. yrittää pysyä rauhallisena, asiat ovat todella vaikeita, mutta pian nähdä vaivaa työnsä on tunnustettu.


  4. Patience ... Well, even if I were you, neither would hehe!!

  5. What kind of games do you like?

  6. I haven't played Mass Effect 3 (I've only played the first game, didn't like the changes that 2 brought in) but I do know that free prologue DLC is actually coming that's changing the ending entirely.

    1. Wrong! It's not changing it, it's explaining the ending.

  7. Hi Jani I´m big fa u, and dont kwon you have this Blog, amazing :)

  8. Hey jani why do you find it a dissapointment,apparently bioware added the free dlc extended cut for more ending to the story,i do recommend playing it a few times as all those games got multiple endings and you get to select a bonus power when you create a new character, were you badass paragon or renegade? ,what are your thoughts on mass effect 1 and 2.
    Btw i thought id share i love your style of guitar playing,i can definatly see some of john petrucci and yngwie influence in your playing.
    Any tips for tapping arps i cant seem to move my hand fast enough to the fret i want to tap after i either sweep or pluck the notes.
    p.s. finnish rocks hard language to learn but worth it.
    Thanks buddy . Kiitos aikaa :)