Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Sitting in a train, having some liquid courage, feeling pretty funky after last night. Somehow I got lost in the helsinki bar scene with Petri, gotta love the guy.

In other news, the album is finished. Feeling kinda empty now, you know, the kind of relieved but empty feeling you get after taking a really big shit :)


  1. Hola Jani! One question. Is it your favourite drink of all times?

  2. Can't wait for the end of september

  3. Hola Jani!

    QUE BUENA ONDA!!! For end the album is finished, we look forward here in Mexico this new and promising material.

    PD: Do not be selfish, you share a sip of that delicious beverage!.

    Greetings Jani :)

  4. Great news! :D Congrats to you all! is there any chance to get the album to Argentina? I would love to have it

  5. can't wait to hear it! enjoy your drink