Monday, July 30, 2012

Quote of the day:


  1. it's 4 am, I have to wake up early and still here i m reading your blog totally fascinated `cause I didn´t knew you had one! ... I m a big fan of yours ( since i listen ecliptica for the first time... 11 or 12 years ago ) and now that you're playing with Timo, more than ever I have every hope that u guys came to Argentina some day ... well, nothing more... funny stuff you re writing here, seems that besides a great guitar player you're a great guy

    i guess my english sucks, hope u could understand something haha


  2. I believe that everything in life has a purpose and that nothing is by chance.
    people come into our lives with some purpose.
    Things happen in life of people for some reason
    learn to live with different people, accepting people as they are, since that does not do evil, learn to deal with certain situations and so on..