Monday, January 7, 2013

Days uneventful...

Today I woke up, had some coffee, did some laundry, exercised, had a shower, ate some chili-chicken-crap (managed not to post a picture of it to Instagram or Facebook, surprisingly easy in a fact...) and played some guitar (really!). Not too eventful, but haven't been bored either, so that's nice.

I was actually thinking about writing another entry or transcribing something to the "Guitar licks..."-section, but couldn't come up with anything of interest so I had to skip that.

I feel like my mojo is coming out of hibernation, feel like writing some new music for a change. That's a good sing as well. That's what I'm here for anyway :)


  1. Again, pics of having rest at home =)
    You could ask some fans here to be your guests!

  2. Hey man what's your instagram tag?

  3. Jani you will become a hermit like me

  4. Post something useful to the guitar licks, please^^. I really want to learn some fresh techniques!