Monday, January 28, 2013

Word and stuff

Hi folks,

I haven't died or anything serious, just been a bit busy lately, so no funky smelling updates. Had a blast playing with Mr.T @ Seinäjoki and got stranded in Tampere afterwards. Thankfully I have great friends there, so it was actually shitloads of fun. Greetings to an old friend who has had a rough day today as well, I know you read this shit, and I know you will triumph all shit, come what may. Stay strong :)

To conclude, here's some words o wisdom:


  1. you are GROSO jani!!!!

  2. hahahaha...awesome!!

    say hi to Mr.T

  3. Words of wisdom, Jani!
    I had a great day- nice change for once ;)
    Say hello to Mr.T, I've been looping Unbreakable EP for last 2 days, only with pauses for Halcyon Days ^_^

  4. I kinda thought you could've had an allergic reaction but then I remember Timo was back in Finland and I said to myself "Jani must be busy with him" and so it was. I'm glad a deadly kittie didn't do anything to you. Have fun, dear, I wish you a great week, may come time to rest. Rock the Metal :)

  5. hahaha you rock Janinani :) good to know you had fun lml

  6. you and your sublime wisdom... :)

  7. If only it would be that easy :D
    All we can do is try. And fail so miserably.