Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I had forgotten how long it takes... empty your computer and start from a scratch. Took me almost 3 hours last night just to make a backup of all my files before doing the clean install. Now installing Parallels, Windows XP and Holdem Manager, maybe tonight I'll have some whiskey and play some poker, haven't played in a long time :)


  1. Replies
    1. Because I only use the XP for running pokersoftware on my Mac through Parallels, XP is way lighter -and IMO- still the best Windows that's out there.

    2. Oh god no, not Windows 8.

      Windows 7 does a lot of things right, Windows 8 takes everything 7 did right and tosses that shit on the ground. The Metro and actual Desktop act like separate programs, the windows are inconsistent, navigating is a bitch, and it just all around sucks compared to 7.

      XP is very good, by that it's versatile. It's not Linux based, so you can actually run shit other than niche stuff. I prefer 7 because it's easier to navigate; but for just running things Linux cannot, it's good enough.