Thursday, January 17, 2013

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, part 1.

Just finished watching it. Wasn't too impressed, have to admit.

I REALLY don't understand what people see or hear in that Mikael Saari-dude. The song is kinda pretty, but only kind of, and it has no hook whatsoever. Also the guy seems really annoying, and lets be honest here, he doesn't sing THAT well. He sings well enough, but not worth the praise, listening to his high register feels like someone is pushing a cheese grinder into my ear.

Diandra was blah, she sings pretty well, but the song is sooooo from the "Golden Book Of Producing an R'nB-Pop-Song For The Dummies". The only positive surprise was this Rautakoura band who did their catchy-folky-thingy. I liked it surprisingly lot.

I know I should've liked the rocker-dude, but lets face it, the song was really not very good, and his voice wasn't much to write home about either. Extra point for having Mr. Teijo Jämsä on the drums though :)

Oh yeah, there was one other positive surprise: Anssi Kela's new song. I never ever thought I'd say this (I frinking HATED his "Nummela" crap), but I actually liked something made by him. Too bad it was him singing it, but even he couldn't totally ruin what was actually a pretty damn catchy chorus :)

Well, next week we have our young metalheads performing "Lost", looking forward to that. Of course then there's also Krista Sieghailwhatever performing that god-awful song, one of the worst songs I've heard in a loooong time... Luckily I have a remote controller so I don't even have to get up to stop her from polluting my precious ears with that shit again. Once is quite enough in this case, I'd rather get AIDS than listen to that shit again. Ever.


  1. Maybe some Power Metal for a change?

  2. I love the original version of the song, but this one... Meh. As the Emperor said in "Amadeus": There are simply too many notes.

    1. I'm sorry You didn't like it, I think they are pretty damn talented. If You care enough to check more stuff from them then maybe this will do?

      even I'm on this video :)

  3. I wonder how bad the song you mention could be... I'll watch the videos later. Have fun, Jani! :)