Thursday, January 10, 2013

We don't get what we wan't...

We get what we need. Or so they say, but it still sucks. I never signed up for this, but shit happens. I never found a lantern, but I made a wish. The genie laughed at my face and mooned me. Again, shit happens. If he ever does that again I'll kick the living fuck out of him. He might be bigger, but I'm insane, so I'll win.

Remember, silver is for losers. I'll go for gold, as should you folks :)


  1. Laughed and mooned lol...go get your pot of gold at the end of your rainbow Jani!

  2. But platinum is for winners!...uh that's PS3, sorry :)

    1. today platinum is cheaper than gold :) only rare-earth metals are more expensive than gold :)
      long live for heavy metals! :)

    2. It was only a nerd joke, don't take my comment seriously :)

  3. Be careful Jani, you might have to fight with THIS genie, and that wouldn't be easy at all....
    Indeed, you're right about getting stuff. I think I can get what you hinting at.

  4. I think You mean " He might be bigger, but I'm insane, so I'm sure I'll win." ? :D