Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It has come to my attention that the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 is tonight, starting right about now. I guess I should watch it, although it still kinda bums the living fuck out of me. No fun to watch it alone and sober (can't drink, still sick. Or technically I of course could, but I won't). I haven't even heard the Finnish song that competes tonight. If you can call it Finnish, as it's sung in swedish I think. Might as well sing in Urdu or whatnot. But whateva, I see if I can gather the energy to sit through that shit.


OMFG... This reminds me why I usually drink while watching. They're fucking horrible! So far Iceland and Albania have been pretty good, rest crap, and Greece made me want to start cutting myself. Let's kick them out not only of Euro, but also from the globe. Of course swedes had their fingers in that song as well, and not in a good way. Let's get rid of Sweden as well, as that was borderline crime against humanity...


Well, now I've heard the Finnish song. Surprisingly, not half bad song, totally ok. Unfortunately it was in swedish and also the girl was not great singer (not bad, just not great, what would've been a requirement for that kind of song) and also had about zero charisma. I'd say we won't see her in the final.


So, I actually managed to sit it through and saw them all. About the rest: Denmark had a nice song, wouldn't change the channel if I heard it on the radio. Also Hungary had a decent pop song, no objections. About the Russian grannies that everyone seems to be crazy about: Sorry, didn't like it AT ALL. It's just a gimmick with some old farts, I don't want to see or listen to that, it wasn't good musically, nor funny enough to enjoy. First I thought it's just the cynical dark fuckhead emo-me that can't bear anything that lighthearted, but then again I thought Jedward was pretty funny again, just like last year. The guys can't really sing and their dancing is pretty awkward at best, but the good mood there is really catchy, made me smile a bit. So maybe it's not just me being a dick, maybe I'm actually on to something there.

Well, there you have it. I hope Iceland, Albania and Denmark make it, don't really care about the others, except I hope that Greece really bombs hard. That song rubbed me so the wrong way it's not even real...


Got all 3 and Hungary as a bonus, nice as I probably watch the final on saturday. But then again so did Greece, so I have to be fucking drunk to manage it...


  1. Hei Jani! Have fun tonight my dear, cheers!

  2. At least you have a decent entry. I´m embarrassed by the Dutch entry and I´ll only watch the final if that song doesn´t make it!

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    2. jani is not that tall, jani is like 1.75cm / 10 = 17.5.

  4. Hi again Jani! I can't stop thinking about you, so I'm here writing again lol. :D

  5. LOL!!!! Let's kick them out not only of Euro, but of the globe


  6. Are you watching Eurosong Tonight Second semifinal tell me what do u think of Serbian song btw i thought that for Finnish song it was much better to send Nightwish Cain's Offering Sonata Arctica or even again Lordi they would do much better then all of preformers since Lordi already won for Finland :))))

  7. Hail THE "Epic Sax Guy" from eurovision :>