Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fuck you PETA

(Link in german)

You people have such problems. Why won't you just fuck off already...


  1. I don't think they can impose it...

  2. I doubt if they´ll succeed, this brand is far to wellknown.

  3. Of course they cannot impose this, as no sane person takes anything these idiots say seriously. It just never seizes to amaze me how people can whine about EVERYTHING. Well, I'll celebrate by taking my boots and leather jacket and going to a nice restaurant to have some nice tenderloin steak and some ice cold Jägermeister while these treehuggers masturbate to a picture of a dead puppy.

    1. **Dear Jani Liimatainen, why dont you talk a little bit more about you. I mean, this blog is about you but isn't about what people would like to read to be happy. I would like to read a new post about your recording gear and some basic gear like the kind of pick, how to hold it, strings gauge stuff like that; exercises you did when you were young, recomendations for guitar players like me, who records himself.. im 23 now & i'd like to have a guide from a person who inspired me to keep playing guitar, is that possible?
      ojala se pueda, bueno por mientras sigue chupando la corneta y respondeme cualquier cosa por ultimo huevon.
      chao pescao :D

  4. WTF they want to change it to Woodruff WHAT A RETARDED NAME just so that the ppl don't buy the product what company wouldn't want their product to not be sold PETA IS FUCKING RETARDED -_-!!!!