Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Slight hannover

Feeling funky, head is aching. More friends arrive today, that means most likely more drinking. Not feeling it at the moment, but I know I will later.


  1. Not enough
    He should have a long hair as well

  2. hey silly, thank u for being mi inspiration, now im kinda happy with me. I speak spanish, i barely use google trasnlate, but u can understand, thank u again from???????, Chao!

  3. i forgot it, watch -> http://www.youtube.com/user/bhzrdrs4/videos
    if you are telling that no one care of your solos, u r wrong.

  4. Hey Jani, no idea that this was out there, good to see you are still around, been a big fan of yours, you probably get this question all the time but is there any change of a second Cain's Offering album or even a tour?
    I also read on Kotipelto's website about you and him recording an acoustic album, will it be with covers and live?
    I need me some new Jani music soon ;)

    Greets a big fan

  5. I dreamed of you tonight, Jani.

    1. lol.. u r in love with him, go to finland & take a beer with him im sure he will accept

    2. haha oh man, sometimes I'm not sure what I come here for - Jani's posts, or the hilarious and plain weird posts from the fan boys and fan girls lololol