Thursday, May 31, 2012

Food for thought:


  1. I honestly believe there are so many people that still enjoy music and just listen to it instead of on the backgroud, I buy most albums I like though I must admit if albums get selled for too high a price I will turn to download a few but most new albums I like come out around 16 euro which is perfectly okay for an album if you ask me, I must also say that some albums are nowhere to be found, I have been looking for the Cain's Offering album (was a bit late with realising it excisted) but its nowhere to be found, all I found was a japanses one for over 30 euros, even now I just looked online again for the sake of supporting the artist (yes, you Jani:) but the only one I found which I can order from here in Holland is a secondhand album for 25 euro.
    If bands and record labels want to make money, try and get the albums available again and for reasonable prices.
    Next to Cain's Offering I have a hard time finding albums of Manticora, Twilightning and older Kamelot albums as well, albums I would gladly pay for to own them if they are available and I wont go legally downloading because I actually want it on a cd so I wont pay for a mp3 quality track.
    That way Im kinda stuck illegally downloading even if that means shitty quality compared to an actual album or listening from youtube.

  2. :( Use music just in the background is a problem of our contemporaneity, technology gives us the chance to be in other places than we "actually" are... minds are working so fast, procesing many things... people haven´t care about simple things. I can understand it, but I can not understand how people do not pause in their lives to listen, to feel music. I can´t live without music, I need it, I need close my eyes and feel every sound.

    I think technology and legislation have had different developments.. the first too fast, the second two slow... I continue thinking exactly the same that I have wrote in the last blog about this subject:

    ..."For things that you, dear musicians, make us feel with your music... we must pay much more than a laborghini for each song.... thanks for your sounds... you help us every day... you can give us a breath when life is too much... you show us that in the shadows of sadness there is still light and when we are happy... you can make us feel much more euphoria!!! thanks... and I'm sorry, piraty is something that shouldn't exist"...

    I hope things change for music, I hope people start to give the real value again, when I say "value" I mean economic and sensitive.

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