Friday, May 18, 2012



We had a pleasure of going to see the ice hockey WC at the Hartwall arena. The game, Finland vs. USA, was no doubt a classic (for you who don't follow, Finland scored the winning goal 8.8 seconds before the end of the game and won 3-2.) We were guests of Nordicbet and having former Miss Finland ask you if you would like to have another drink while you're watching an epic hockey game was certainly a night to remember :)

Went drinking afterwards, now I have a hangover. You know the gist by now...


  1. You shocked me out of my wits!
    For a moment I believed that you had become a sportsman yourself. Fortunately you proved me wrong. *Phew*

  2. I'm sorry but I gotta keep asking... Do you dye your hair? I bet a cider bottle on it with a friend (he's the one saying that).

  3. JANI, ALL MY HOPE FOR YOU! I've just listened full version of new SA album - now I've understood why you left SA... I hope you'll never be so awful shit as modern SA

    1. Dude you're such an imature kid , the new SA album is in the spirit of reckoning night and winterheart's guild era but just with new ideas and tony's crazy stuff.

  4. "Pour your salt, into these wounds,
    And watch me crawl.
    Tell me to take it like a man.
    Show me my place, hurt me just because you can."

    Man theese lines gets me every time. But the best part of the song must be towards the end just before the last solo with the blasting drums and the orchestral bits. Man this song has to be the best one if you count the years 2000-2010.

    I can really only count one part of one song that may be just as good, or even slightly better. :-D

    Listen to the guitar solo on A million light years away. That solo is just plain beautiful, especially towards the end with the bends and the fast shredding that ends with a super long bend into infinity.

    PLEASE tell me that you will make something at least 1/10 as good as Gather the faithful? :-)

    1. Agree with ^

      Also admire your work with the few songs you guys made with Dream Asylum, they're AWESOME.

  5. Today Finland's hockey team will play vs ours (Russia). Jani, we're enemies for this day =DDD