Friday, May 25, 2012

Something better:

As we, or at least I, have tonight been tormented with some really shitty music, 
let's go for some pop music that is new and great:

I love this, the song is awesome, the lyrics are good, and Adam Lambert is one helluva singer. I think I will buy this album tomorrow. Better than anything I've heard in a while, professional and well produced, yet packs some emotion and substance. Kudos!


  1. Hear: Catch The Wave - Def Tech

  2. yo Jani is this kinda Familiar :))) hehe such a nice guitar and the fucking prick sold it i must give u one thing u rly got taste

    1. Actually the only SA he should still have is the rg and I'll have it at the end,mwhahahahaahha!

    2. Not if i get it first :))) still my Rg has same config as Jani's :D but this is his signature