Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goodnight little groundhogs

This was a decent day. Got some shit done, some technical crap happened again but I'm too tired to explain it. We have a solution already so we decided to call it a day and fix it tomorrow. Instead we had a glass of wine and watched American:The Bill Hicks Story , which I highly recommend to everyone. I also recommend that before watching it you check out one on his standup shows, you can probably find them online, but support his family and the foundation and buy the damn dvd's, ok?

I started writing a blog entry about Bill Hicks about 2 months ago, but I don't think I finished it so I probably didn't publish it either. I'm too tired to dwell in too deep on the subject now, might some other time, but I'll leave you with this: He is my favorite standup comedian of all time, a man who took a long hard road from a comedian to a quasi-preacher, almost a prophet I would say. He was great, no, better than great, and he died far too young. I think he would've had a lot to say still, and I for one would've liked to hear and see what he would've become. I think it's worth your while to check his shit out, a thinking man's comedian so to speak.


  1. Jani is very hard day ... good luck for tomorrow ... :]

  2. Hi Jani, I hope your Wednesday is productive and hassle free.
    Success, Peace and Patience.

    A big kiss for you

  3. I hope you better find your back; and I'm glad that this day was better the others… strength, patience, … nobody said that devote your life to what you love would be easy… A big hug
    Pd. Sorry my English is not very good either shit, but as I speak Spanish, and working with the language.

  4. I found parts of his shows on YouTube:

    I watched the first part of "Revelations", and it made me wonder what he would have said about 9/11.