Monday, May 21, 2012

Never make plans

As they always go to hell. I had some nice ones for this weekend, well, turns out I got sick and had to scrap them all. Also it was fucking awesome having to play a show while being totally under the weather. Well, I'm still alive, though I feel like shit.

Good thing is I have a free week, which is welcome after a month of pretty hectic times. In a week I go back to Lappajärvi to continue with the acoustic album, have to really bust my ass then, so I hope I'll be 100% functional by then.

Being sick really doesn't suit me, as I suck at resting. This fucking blows.


  1. You had a drink with the ex Miss Finland, I think this might be something positive in all this. However, good recovery . ;)

  2. I hope you get well, Jani


  3. Awwww baby, get well my dear Jani! I hope everything is going to be bright for you! The best wishes for you, seriously, you are my inspiration. May I get a reply maybe? I'll be in heaven by receiving at least a "hi". I love you, dear! :)

  4. Ah thats too bad i wish u best of luck in the future and that u get better very soon :)))

  5. I really hope that you get well soon :D Don't worry: even you are sick, you still rocked at Saturday! \,,/
    Best wishes, your "underage" fan ;)

  6. ^ Agree, you guys totally rocked! Okay, it was the first acoustic gig I've seen live, but it was fantastic! Hope you'll get better soon :)

    PS. Thanks for the pictures and autograph ;) And sorry that I panicked :D You rock.

  7. Replies
    1. I would bleed with you...

  8. Relax man and think how the best guitar player that you are! Greetings from México Jani \m/