Tuesday, September 18, 2012

iPhone 5 rage

Really, what's up with some people? Everyone and their mother seems to have a compulsive need to whine and bitch about the new iPhone that Apple introduced last week. Now, I don't really give a flying fuck about the phone, I don't really follow that scene at all. What baffles me is the peoples reaction to it. Apparently it is not all that breathtaking as was expected... So what?

This is kinda like people whining about Big Brother (the TV show), if you don't like it then don't fucking watch it. Same here, if you don't care about the new iPhone then don't fucking buy it, it really is as simple as that. I just find it so weird that people have the time and the energy to bitch and moan about something as trivial as a mobile phone. Find a hobby folks....

UPDATE: Found a fitting picture


  1. TOTALLY agree with you.

    As I read somewhere, we live in the era of smart phones and stupid people...

  2. That's what consumerism causes on people. Everybody feels the need to buy what others are buying even if they don't know what industries sell to them. It affects people physchologically and physically as well.
    Apparentely, this society has the energy to complain about meaningless things, but when it comes to a major issue such as education or health, nobody complains. So, seems that they like to be trampled by companies, I think that's the objective... So now people can be focus on the new brand of clothes, those little stickers you put on the back of your car, instead of educating themselves about how companies deceive them. However, this is my opinion, nobody has to necessarily deal with it.

  3. first world problems, dude... most of the people of this world has not even chance to see an iphone :P

  4. It is the same as the previous iPhone...

  5. Awesome fitting picture :D I wouldn't be surprised if you did it xD

  6. LMAO!!!... I love your honesty, man! I gotta say.