Friday, September 21, 2012

You know what's kind of annoying?

Tonight I was watching a TV show, and in the show a guy strikes a tuning fork, and immediately says "E minor". WTF? First of all, most of the tuning forks are tuned to 440 hz A. I haven't heard of a tuning fork tuned to E yet, although physically that would be doable. What bothered me most was the "minor" part. A tuning fork gives you only one note, be it A or E or whatnot, whereas a minor is an interval and would require at least two notes to sound at the same time, in this case the root (E) and the minor third (G), and I don't think there is a tuning fork that can do that... Get your shit together folks!

I guess this would be how doctors feel like when watching ER or House M.D...

In other news: Whisky, still good.


  1. Luis (Pickboy From Barcelona)September 21, 2012 at 3:48 AM

    Or to software developers:
    - We have to catch the IP. With a Visual Basic interface !
    (C.S.I. New York (If I'm not wrong))

    You know, at least the 78% of viewers believed that and the 2% is training with a spoon.

  2. Doctors, or musicans, or not - should better watch "Nip/Tuck" =)

  3. Straightening:

    1. tuning-fork (diapason) means A1 and only A1 note (chamber music).
    2. A minor, E minor etc etc... are scales not intervals (e.g. you can talk about chords in the key of A minor).
    3. interval is a consonance of 2 sounds !only! (not more, because 3 or more would be a chord)

    1. A minor is the scale but it can also refer to the chord OR interval. it can be E and G or it can be E, G and B. And for fucks sake, did you think you could have any kind of music knowledge that Jani does not?

    2. Glad we sorted that out, although I'm pretty sure I got my point across the first time :)

    3. Deniz, go to primary school, they'll teach you how to read with understanding and then go to hell.

      And yes, your brain is too small to understand how great my musical knowledge is.

  4. When I was eight, we were watching a film about some pianist with my parents, and there comes a scene where they clash the wine glasses and the guy immediately says ''g minor!''. what the fuck, it wasn't even G. Of course, I might have been 8 and too proud of my absolute ear so I might have said ''fucking ridiculous'' and my dad might have been very mad that day. Might have been.

  5. The part I liked more is whiskey :)