Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Man I'm tired...

In the train again, tired as hell but unable to sleep. Been sleeping around 2h a night for the last couple of nights. Stayed up until shit o'clock last night doing some translations, woke up waaay too early for me so I could help my sister with moving ( as in relocating, not twisting her limbs or anything). Carrying washing machines and shit is great exercise, saw no need for jogging today. Not that I would've had any time anyway, moving took quite a while, then I did some proofreading and then it was already time to take the train to Helsinki. Only 8 more hours to go, why the fuck did I just not take the morning flight from Kemi? I am officially an idiot...


  1. I can scan&print you an official idiot diploma, but first I need to erase my name from it :D Cheer up, I spent 3 hour ride in full train (0% oxygen inside) just to hear "sorry, we move the meeting to the other day"

  2. What are you doing in Helsinki? I hope you can catch some sleep!

  3. Janiiiii take a rest !! or you will be like zombie soon :p sister has great brother :p

  4. Odd that you're tired and not able to sleep... I hope you can sleep or take some rest soon, dear :) You're a great brother actually. Have a nice day in Helsinki!

  5. "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey stoopid
    What ya tryin to do
    Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey stoopid
    They win you lose
    Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey stoopid"

    Ok, I don´t bully to you, but in the train you have lot of more the time to sleep.:) Don´t worry, my employer "likes" me so much in this morning, when I called that I´m sick. Yes, even I don´t like to be a sick and be absent from my work.
    Try to rest and welcome to the South Finland.

  6. Sometimes, i do get so tired that i can´t sleep either, too... think that´s pretty common, really.
    Btw, sleep in the train´s not so comfortable or safe... or at least not in the argentinian trains haha

  7. 'I am officially an idiot...'

    Oh, don't be cruel to yourself.
    But goddamn, OTOS you're right! ;)

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I hope you used a belt to your waist.

    And you're not an idiot, only a good brother. You drink a coffee.