Thursday, September 13, 2012

Revenge of the Sith

Hands down pants down the best of the bunch when discussing the "new" Star Wars. I enjoy the dark overall feel, even if the dialogue is still kinda hammy at times. Some really cool scenes and a whiny Anakin. I still kinda like this, not as good as the 3 originals, but a solid effort.

Btw, drowning all the new ones in CGI probably looked good on a paper, but they look really dated already, whereas the originals look as classics. Call me biased, I call it like I see it.


  1. Count Dooku- in attack of the Clones was a badass who took Obi Wan in no time. In Revenge of the Sith dies in first 10 minutes. Yea.. And arresting the Palpatine is great- 3 Jedi Masters die in 8 seconds, 2 of them in 2 seconds (years of training aren't worth (shit) sith ) :D

  2. Luis (Pickboy From Barcelona)September 13, 2012 at 12:15 PM

    Agreed with Rhodi. Can't understand how dies so fast that Jedi Masters with all that years of training. The battles are great in this one. Battles are great in this one compared with the first two of the news. But never convinced me the way that Mace Windu dies in that film.
    Hehehe, In Revenge Of The Sith I supose that Obi-Wan (well, I dunno why Obi-Wan is getting shit in AOTC and ROTS), and Anakin are better prepared.