Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thunderbuddies 4 life:

Yeah, I went and saw "Ted" yesterday. It was pretty good, not awesome but definitely worth seeing. Especially the Thunder Song was great:) I just had some issues with the female character by Mila Kunis. I mean, she's an asshole. Not to spoil anything from you if you haven't seen this one yet, but she is a total ass throughout 3/4 of the movie. What the fuck is it with women that first they fall in love with a man because he is different and special, but then after a while they have to start trying to change the man into a more conventional and "adult" version, because he is different and special??? Jesus Taliban, make up your fucking minds and stop messing with ours!


  1. yes, I am a female, and I thought I was the only one with that thought, if I found a couple, I would not like that other to try to change me, I've always thought that a person never changes, is like an alcoholic, he will always be, but he adapts to a situation for life if he wants, or if he wants to have a life to another person, but always he is gonna be what he is ( my keyboard doesn't have lights so the mistakes come from that reason and some liquor)
    atte Lucina :)

    1. but all the flash gordon stuff was genius ;) it is a genetrational humor

  2. young women don't love men. they love ideals.
    adult women love only themselves.

  3. QUIET! Only is a movie. Although in real life always so, and better I love men as they are, because that makes them special :)

    Greetings Jani :)

  4. This has always frustrated me too, whichever gender it's coming from.