Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thunderbuddies 4 life:

Yeah, I went and saw "Ted" yesterday. It was pretty good, not awesome but definitely worth seeing. Especially the Thunder Song was great:) I just had some issues with the female character by Mila Kunis. I mean, she's an asshole. Not to spoil anything from you if you haven't seen this one yet, but she is a total ass throughout 3/4 of the movie. What the fuck is it with women that first they fall in love with a man because he is different and special, but then after a while they have to start trying to change the man into a more conventional and "adult" version, because he is different and special??? Jesus Taliban, make up your fucking minds and stop messing with ours!


  1. yes, I am a female, and I thought I was the only one with that thought, if I found a couple, I would not like that other to try to change me, I've always thought that a person never changes, is like an alcoholic, he will always be, but he adapts to a situation for life if he wants, or if he wants to have a life to another person, but always he is gonna be what he is ( my keyboard doesn't have lights so the mistakes come from that reason and some liquor)
    atte Lucina :)

    1. but all the flash gordon stuff was genius ;) it is a genetrational humor

  2. are same, what the fuck is with the men that say you...i love you, you are crazy and i love it ..after a few of are too crazy, shit, when will you grow up ?
    sorry...sometime i need to share my stupid feelings from my life...
    just want to say, men and women are same in this..

  3. young women don't love men. they love ideals.
    adult women love only themselves.

  4. QUIET! Only is a movie. Although in real life always so, and better I love men as they are, because that makes them special :)

    Greetings Jani :)

  5. Men are just... Men...
    You love them,
    Hate them,
    Or just give fuck of them...


  6. This has always frustrated me too, whichever gender it's coming from.