Thursday, September 20, 2012

Unfortunately God and Jesus were out golfing..


  1. Yea, why go to work while you can just pray to God for money, fucking loosers with poor kids.. The kid was propably fucking dumb too, he was 16 and he propably could himself call the paramedics, but I won't judge him.

    While they trusted God with his illnes, why didn't they trust him earlier with feeding and taking care of their child? Just leave a child in his room and let him starve to death..

    While I believe only in Ronnie James Dio, I think that protestants are smarter here, all this "prayer through work" stuff is more logical than sitting and expecting miracles to happen

    sorry for tl;dr, I'm just shocked by stupidity

  2. it is terrible what happened, but i cant say the parents are stupid, i must say the american system is stupid, i lived there for 2 years in CA and the god is there everywhere, you hear about Jesus from every corner, i cant be surprise that there can happen this, they are just like blind deers ...

  3. Some people just deserve to be "surprise buttsexed" by an elephant.