Monday, August 12, 2013

Back 2 school

Had my first day of school today after the "summer break", which I of course spent working. Now new days learning about writing lyrics. Even got some homework: Write lyrics for a song, using as many clichés as you can. Ought to be fun :)


  1. Sounds like something fun indeed :) In which language?

  2. It must be great, that feeling of going back to school at your age. ( ^ ; ^ )

  3. Why is it that my homework never sounds that exciting? You really do have all the luck Jani...

  4. That is great! Besides your music I really love your lyrics.
    Here in Argentina I can not get the disk cain's offering, I'm sad about that.
    But I'll wait more letters from you! I liked the song "If The Story Is Over".
    I dont hate you. Kisses!

  5. I bet you found some akward Finnish metaphors, right? :)
    "Liekki sammuu..." No anyways... :D