Friday, August 23, 2013

This pesky little flu...

...just doesn't seem to fucking give up. It is slowly getting better, but hell, this has been going on for almost 2 weeks now. Of course travelling and playing a show with Mr. T didn't really help, but still, damn this fucker is hanging on... Well, luckily I have this weekend off so I can still try and recover. Actually this is my last off-weekend in 2 months or so, would've been fun to try and actually do something, but it seems like the couch will be my best friend this weekend...

On a completely different note: Someone just told me in the comments of the previous post that Rob Swire had written in Twitter that they might release a new Pendulum album next year (which would be great). Well, I went to see his Twitter feed and one other thing caught my eye. As I have no Twitter and can't "re-tweet" (or what the fuck it's called) the thing I will just blatantly copy it here, as I think it was really funny, and probably also true:

"It must suck to be Avril Lavigne, being nearly 30 and still having to write lyrics like 'I'm a fuckin' princess, don't tell me who to be' "


  1. Satuin lukemaan teoston tiedotteesta, että Arion olisi saanut UMK:n jälkeen diilejä ja tarjouksia kaikilta isoilta levy-yhtiöiltä. Saundas hyvälle :)

  2. Why don't ya get a Twitter Jani? I know you can come up with some mean one-liners I wouldn't mind re-tweeting :P

    Also, I'm suffering a shitty flu as well and I should be writing some music for a comission. So, I feel your pain.

  3. Haha, I red that one two, Rob is funny time to time. Don't give up on that flu !


  4. Manowar are about 60 and write shit for less money.

    1. Tru dat, but then again, they are Manowar, so what did you expect? :)

  5. You´re right Jani, greetings from Mexico, you´re my favorite guitar player and I would really like to see you here, playing here or maybe like a tourist :)