Monday, August 19, 2013

Someone asked me here a while ago if I've heard Ghost. I hadn't back then, but I did yesterday, and I think it's fucking brilliant! I've only heard a few songs now, but this one definitely made an impact. Have to see them live at some point :)

Hail Satan!

It's been a while since a song brought a smile to my face, but this one did it :)


  1. I agree with you Jani!!! I just don't understand why some people use to say that Ghost it's a Slipknot copy.... One band has nothing to be compared with the other one... What do you think about it, Jani?

  2. i asked you that, ´cause they´re touring with iron maiden, and i really wanted to know your oppinion about the band... btw,i think they´re awesome! ...can´t wait ´till september...

  3. Ever heard about the band Neverday??? They are the baws :p


  4. I think tehy suck, sure their show looks cool with the dress up but he has a childish very thin voice.
    Its just like the band Hell, I really dont get why people like this.