Friday, August 2, 2013

Metal news of the day

Apparently Pasi Rantanen returns to the Thunderstone lineup. That's good news, never been a fan of Thunderstone (although they have some decent songs), but Rantanen is an excellent singer and a really nice guy. Also, Emperor returns, would be most cool to see them live, but there's no way I'm attending Wacken :)


  1. Always loved the singer from Thunderstone! Awesome news for Emperor, I'm not really into black but they're great, and I also owned the first two albums of Ihshan as a solo-artist and they were really good! I hope they'll make some kind of an European tour at a certain point...

  2. Kiitos tiedoista Jani.Olen myös thunderstone fani ja mukavaa et kyseinen tekee keikkoja .Suomen keikkoja odotellen.

  3. There's a lot of great bands playing wacken this year. *cough* Sonata *cough* Arctica *cough*

    1. If we were on facebook right now I would so like your comment.

  4. Why not go to Wacken? It's great and you already sang there a couple of times. :D