Thursday, August 1, 2013

Worst hangovers...

... come when you're 29-years old, at least according to a British study. I can from an experience tell that it doesn't get any easier after you pass the magical mark of 30 either. Hell, I'm a tad bit hungover right now. Red wine tends to do that to me, but I don't mind. As I always say, you have to appreciate the hangover. It can be a wondrous state of heightened awareness where your soaring spirit will join with the cosmos to be as one. Or then you just feel like shit, that happens too...


  1. Well, mines were always shit-like :). I'm fine with white wine though, can get a lot of that without disastrous consequences.

  2. hahahaha >.<
    Poor Jani, wine hangover is the worst there is... headache coming soon :P

  3. Hi, Jani! Me very Like all your music. Can I buy a CD "Blackoustic" c your autograph?
    Fan from Russia.

  4. And some hangovers are like *Where the fuck have I been in the night from Friday to Sunday??*