Monday, August 5, 2013


I actually went to the movies twice last week, to see The Wolverine and Pacific Rim. Some thoughts:

The Wolverine:

Ok, let's get this out of the way: It IS better than X-Men Origins:Wolverine, but of course everyone who has seen that piece of shit knows that we are not setting the bar very high here. It looks decent, although I hate 3D. It has a plot that is VERY predictable, but I guess they were going for a Summer Blockbuster-thing anyway, so one shouldn't expect anything too cerebral to begin with. Hugh Jackman is still awesome as Wolverine, the villains are not very memorable, in fact they are actually pretty goofy, especially The Viper... I used to read shitloads of X-Men comics when I was a kid, and it's sad that they still didn't give one of the better characters of the franchise the movie he deserves, but at least they're moving to the right direction...

Oh yeah, and the "Days of Future Past" teaser clip that comes somewhere halfway through the credits: Awesome, can't wait to see THAT movie!

Pacific Rim:

Well, here's a movie that knows exactly what it is, what it tries to be, and does it very well. It's not Citizen Kane, in a fact it's kinda dumb, but I knew that already going in. I went there to be entertained, to see big-ass robots and huge monsters kick the shit out of each other, and on that front it delivers. When the shit hits the fan it really delivers. Fuck you Michael Bay, THIS is how it looks like when giant robots start to rumble, now leave Transformers the fuck alone.

This movie is a tad too long, the middle part drags a little, the main character is totally boring little twerp and the competing pilot of the other Jaeger (that's what they call the robots) looks exactly like him. In a fact, most -if not all- of the characters here are your standard archetypes, and I think the movie tries to give us too much character development (yeah, go figure...), but it never really goes anywhere, and lets face it, we came to see robots and monsters fight. The fucking head honcho gives one of the most cringeworthy "big speeches" I've seen in a while ("Today, we are cancelling the Apocalypse"... My god... :D ).

Sure, the movie has problems. A lot of them. But in the end, it knows what it should be, and it is what it is. I liked it, more than I thought I would. If you like shit going down and some epic battles (Hell, when thay have the battle in Hong-Kong and the robot, size of a fucking skyscraper walks towards the monster while dragging behind him a fucking SHIP -which it then proceeds to use as a sword/club to kick some major ass- I was smiling like kid, going "FUCK YEAH!!!" in my head), this one is for you. It's dumb and childish at times, but it will keep you entertained.

And before I quit rambling: If you want to see this, GO AND SEE IT IN A THEATRE. This probably doesn't translate that well to the smaller screen, and it looks fucking gorgeous at times. And this is the first and probably the only time I'll ever say this, but see it in 3-D. I HATE 3-D movies, and this was the first time it seemed like it actually served a purpose, it looked amazing. From the opening shot you know that this is going to look goooood on 3-D.

Ok, I've rambled on enough, should go out for a jog and then try and lay down some guitar solos. Until the next time, take care you little fucks.


  1. Please please please tell me Sydänpuu is going to have a lot of sick solos!!

  2. Pacific rim reminds me Evangelion. I agree with what you say about Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is awesome!