Friday, March 8, 2013

Going electro

Well, not really :D Been spending the last few days (and nights) playing around with my new computer. I got pretty much everything up and running and been now experimenting with some different stuff, learning about some dance/electro house production techniques and working on some pretty different shit. But don't you worry guys, I'm still in touch with my heavier side, just thought I'd learn something new for a change, and to be honest it's been shitloads of fun just fooling around with weird sounds. Just having some fun before we enter the studio with Risto to record the drums for Sydänpuu.

Tomorrow I'll actually go to Helsinki to meet Risto and see Stratovarius play live @ Tavastia, ought to be fun :) Take care guys, I'll get back to my loops and sequences :)


  1. That the way to go!! ,the best composers dont limit theirselves to metal only.

  2. Sydänpuu new album? as when more or less would be ready your new work?