Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Time to go...

...riding those fucking trains again. This trip is gonna take for-fucking-ever again, sooooo happy about it. Then again I am pretty excited about going home, importing the drumtracks into Logic on my iMac and starting to put that puppy together, so maybe I can take this boring day of epic proportions. Maybe...


  1. "Riding those fucking trains again" Ahah! Seems a perfect title for a Tarantino film. :)
    At least there in Finland you have beers on board.. :)

  2. Jani Elias Sonata go back, please visit Argetina/Urugway/Mexico blah blah blah

    ^ You need one of these comments under every post Jani writes, so I might make one of these today -_-

    1. While the "go back" comments are most definitely annoying, latin american people are very passionate about their idols, and they want to show their support as much as they can. It's kind of a cultural thing.
      That, and down here we don't have much metal going on to get our fix, so we crave for those idols like Jani to come back. I'm sorry in behalf of all latin americans if this sounds annoying to all of you, but consider that in Europe you get a metal show every weekend, here we have like 3 or 4 big bands a year and that's stretching it.
      If these comments annoy you simply ignore them, like Jani does :P

    2. I guess I trolled Ya both, wohoo, 2 points for me xD Not the level Jani did with his International Woman's Day post but hey, I ain't complainin' :D

      Don't take me too serious, I know that a lot of people on Jani's blog is from South A. and I would be an idiot insulting all those people. I'm just tired of seeing some comments for the fricking 30th time.. Oh, and about metal shows- Poland is skipped a lot by metal bands touring Europe, so I guess it sucks equally in our cases :D Sonata came to Poland 1 FRICKING TIME, and in 2012, so without Jani and majority of power metal songs we all love.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Changing the subject, I know you´re not a big fan of football but there is a great game today that involves the team of your country vs mine. Make your bets, ladies and gentleman.

    P.D: Rhodi, Latin American fans are very loyal to the musicians, but there are annoying people everywhere.

  4. hey jani, could you transcribe the solo from my land?

  5. Cant believe I live in this world -_-

    Just one thing to say: Enjoy ur bed when you'll get home.

  6. I hope your trip was not so fucking boring ... I hope you are in home ... and if you're there ... take a beer :)

  7. Yup, those train rides can be long. I've worked and lived (yes LIVED) on a train, I had a room, shower, kitchen, ect...I was inspecting the tracks for 4 months straight. Boredom can get to you easely, but the scenery were sometimes fantastic.

    Enjoy your beer, I wasn't allowed to drink while working.
    Go figure why. :)